Sometimes, in life, looks CAN in fact be deceiving.  This is one of those situations.  Yellow nutsedge may LOOK like a type of grass, but, it is not.  It is classified as a sedge.  While a sedge may look like grass it is actually a weed.  The best way to identify sedge is to look at your lawn 2-3 days after mowing.  If there are some yellow/green tall grass blades sticking up higher than the rest of the grass, chances are you have nutsedge.  Controlling this weed can be a challenge because it's tubers and rhizomes can grow 8-14 inches below the soil.  This weed is best controlled using chemicals applications, well timed fertilizer and proper mowing heights.  If you are having trouble with nutsedge in your yard, give us a call and schedule a FREE estimate.  

Yellow Nutsedge