We Even Offer Artificial Turf.  Looks great and is more practical for places grass won't grow, such as the pool deck.

Choosing the Right Grass

Sod Repair and Replacement

Whether you are simply repairing damage to your lawn or starting from scratch it is very important to make sure you chose the right type of grass.  There are numerous varieties available to you here in Florida.  Starting at the drought resistant Bahia all the way to the lush carpet Empire Zoysia.  The two main choices are St. Augustine and Zoysia.  These are the most popular choices in our area for a good reason.  When installed properly and cared for accordingly they showcase your property.  There are many sub-categories for these two main types, and figuring out the right grass is a science in itself.  There are many factors to consider and test prior to making that financial commitment.  Some of these include but are not limited to: soil testing, moisture testing, climate, amount of shade, exposure to foot and vehicle traffic.  Our turf specialists are available to investigate all the potential limiting factors to help you make the most informed decision.