‚ÄčProfessional Mowing

Sharp Blades

The Right Height at the Right Time

Sharp blades mean the difference between "cutting the lawn" and 'ripping the lawn."  As with most living things "ripping" damages more of the cells of the blades of grass causing them to die, then turn yellow and brown.  Sharp blades create an even, clean cut and enables the grass to stay even and green.

Sometimes what is best for the turf is not to cut it at the exact same time every 7 days.  Keeping a close eye on the weather and growth patterns of the grass will go a long way in the health of the turf.  The mowing height also varies based on the type of grass.  This training and knowledge is something we take pride of here at Ahead of the Grass.

There is more to maintaining a lawn then just mowing.  Most of the hard work takes place behind the scenes.  "Anyone can cut grass, few can cut it properly."  There are many aspects that go into proper lawn maintenance, some of those are: proper timing, proper height, pattern change, sharp blades and equipment upkeep.  It the combination of this knowledge and work ethic that makes Ahead of the Grass, Inc. stand out.