The Grasshopper's


“SUMMER IS IN FULL SWING!                                                                                                    AUG 2019


Wow! Mother Nature has sure kept us on out toes so far this year. While some rain in the afternoon is quite common for Florida, this weather we have been experiencing is unusual.  So, what does this mean for the grass?   Well, the grass, like all living things needs water to survive.  As it rains, the roots become more shallow because the majority of the water is at the surface.  So when the rain stops and everything dries out, so does your lawn. It is important this time of year to keep a close eye on the color and shape of your grass.  It will tell you whether it has spots that need more water or whether you should decrease the time on your irrigation settings. Too much water can cause excessive growth which is just as bad.  If you have any questions about your watering schedule please let us know.  When your lawn looks good, we look good!


Do your sprinklers come on after it rained or even while it is raining?   If so, you might need a new rain sensor.  These devices have a moisture sensor in them that tells the control box not to come on.  We have seen turf damage happen because a homeowner turned off their system because of rain and then forgot to turn them back on, causing drought damage.  A working rain sensor can mitigate that from happening.  Call, text, or email us today to schedule your consultation on a rain sensor  check and/or installation.


The most common mistake we see homeowners and other lawn companies make this time of year is that they are cutting too short.  The University of Florida (creator of Floratam) states the grass should be mowed no less than 3.5 inches.  Keeping more leaf tissue on your turf helps it to maintain the proper moisture and to help prevent bug damage.  When a lawn is cut short, especially if it is “scalped”, the stolons become exposed and offer a breeding ground for turf damaging insects such as chinch bugs and sod web worms.  These are just 2 examples of the possible bugs than can decimate a beautiful lawn in a short period of time.


Don’t neglect your irrigation.  We are offering summer irrigation checks . This check includes a review of the control box to make sure it has the proper settings for our summer weather and a visual inspection of all your irrigation heads for proper movement and potential leaks.  If any issues are discovered you will be provided an estimate prior to any additional repairs or cost. This service must be scheduled ahead of time.  Please give us a call, text, or email to get on the schedule.  A little time could save you a lot of money.