Having weed and pest control service that is customized to your lawn's needs can be beneficial to your wallet as well as the environment.

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More Than just Landscaping... 

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We make sure to always use sharp blades and the correct mower deck height for your type of grass to accomplish the best possible results.

Ahead of the Grass is unique in that it is able to offer you weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, lawn maintenance that is professional, predictable, & dependable.  We stay on schedule to make sure your lawn continues to look its best.  We use sharp blades and well maintained equipment  each and every time.  This keeps your grass healthy and green.  We are also licensed and insured to offer weed & pest elimination services with proper fertilization.  No more paying some big Fortune 100 company to come and spray (or sometimes not spray) your property.  It is a waste of time, money and it is not good for our environment.  Ahead of the Grass is able to contour a lawn plan that works with your budget and your lawn's needs  with a smaller environmental impact. 

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We have a solution For all your lawn, pest, and landscaping needs.

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String trimming and edging are included in all mowing packages.  It is these finishing touches that will make your lawn stand out.

Shrub trimming

This service can be custom-tailored to fit your needs.  Our license enables us to use the best products for your flower beds.